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Audit Logs Enterprise Strapi Cloud Team

🏗 Work in progress

The content of this page might not be fully up-to-date with Strapi 5 yet.

The Audit Logs section provides a searchable and filterable display of all activities performed by users of the Strapi application.

Audit logs are only accessible to users with the Super Admin role by default. They are available in the Administration Panel section of the Settings panel.

Audit Logs panelAudit Logs panel

Events logged

The following events are logged:

Content Typecreate, update, delete
Entry (draft/publish)create, update, delete, publish, unpublish
Mediacreate, update, delete
Login / Logoutsuccess, fail
Role / Permissioncreate, update, delete
Usercreate, update, delete

For each log item the following information is displayed:

  • Action: The type of action performed by the user. For example create or update.
  • Date: The date and time of the action.
  • User: The user who performed the action.
  • Details: Displays a modal with more details about the action. For example the User IP address, the request body, or the response body.

Filtering logs

The Audit Logs page displays all logs by default, in reverse chronological order. You can filter the logs by:

  • Action: Select the type of action to filter by. For example create or update.
  • User: Select the user to filter by.
  • Date: Select a date (range) and time to filter by.
Audit Logs filtersAudit Logs filters

Log details

For any log item, click the Details icon to display a modal with more details about that action.

Log details modalLog details modal

The Payload details are displayed in an interactive JSON component, enabling you to expand and collapse the JSON object.