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Using the Marketplace

๐Ÿ— Work in progress

The content of this page might not be fully up-to-date with Strapi 5 yet.

The Marketplace is where users can find additional plugins to customize Strapi applications, and additional providers to extend plugins. The Marketplace is located in the admin panel, indicated by Marketplace icon Marketplace. In the Marketplace, users can browse or search for plugins and providers, link to detailed descriptions for each, and submit new plugins and providers.

โœ๏ธ strapi In-app Marketplace vs. Market website

The Marketplace in the admin panel only displays v4 plugins, but all plugins for all Strapi versions are discoverable in the Strapi Market.

Keep in mind that v3 and v4 plugins are not cross-compatible, but that providers are compatible both with v3 and v4 plugins.

The Marketplace interfaceThe Marketplace interface

The Plugins and Providers tabs display each plugin/provider on individual cards containing:

  • their name, sometimes followed by either of the following badges:
    • maintained by Strapi icon to indicate it is made by Strapi,
    • verified by Strapi icon to indicate it was verified by Strapi.
  • the number of times the plugin/provider was starred on GitHub and downloaded
  • the description
  • a Learn more button for additional information, including detailed implementation instructions
  • a Copy install command button to copy the installation command to the local clipboard. This button is disabled if the plugin is not compatible with your current Strapi version. Hovering a disabled button displays the Strapi version with which the plugin is compatible. For any installed plugins and providers, this button is replaced by an indicator that it is already installed.

In the top right corner of the Marketplace, the Submit your plugin button redirects to the Strapi Market where it is possible to submit your own plugin and provider.

  • The search bar displays incremental search results based on the plugin/provider name and description.
  • Use the "Sort by" button or set filters to find plugins more easily.

Installing Marketplace plugins and providersโ€‹

โœ๏ธ Note

Marketplace plugins and providers are installed and deleted from the user's terminal (see Developer Documentation).

To install a new plugin or provider via the Marketplace:

  1. Go to the Marketplace icon Marketplace.
  2. Choose the Plugins tab to browse available plugins or the Providers tab to browse available providers.
  3. Choose an available plugin/provider and click on the Copy install command button.
  4. Switch to your terminal and navigate to the Strapi application directory.
  5. Paste and run the copied install command.
  6. Follow any plugin/provider-specific implementation instructions.