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Creating a release Enterprise Strapi Cloud Team

🏗 Work in progress

The content of this page might not be fully up-to-date with Strapi 5 yet.

The Releases icon Releases page allows creating new releases that will be used to organize entries.

Adding a new releaseAdding a new release

To create a new release:

  1. Click the + New Release button in the upper right corner of the Releases page.
  2. Give the release a name.
  3. (optional) If you want to schedule the release publication instead of publishing the release manually, check the Schedule release checkbox and define the date, time, and timezone for publication. Scheduling is currently a Future feature (see scheduling a release for details).
  4. Click the Continue button.

Adding entries to a release must be done from the Content Manager. You can add a single entry to a release while creating or editing the entry in the edit view.