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What's new in Strapi 5 docs beta?

Strapi 5 beta brings many new features and improvements, and this page quickly highlights the most important documentation changes.

🧑‍🎨 The Draft & Publish feature has been fully reworked. When Draft & Publish is enabled, the Content Manager edit view shows 2 different tabs, one for the draft version and one for the published version, and both can handle different content.

🧙‍♀️ The new Content History feature allows you to view and restore previous versions of your content from the Content Manager.

🧑‍🏫 Strapi 5 now use documents and introduces a new Document Service API to replace the Entity Service API from v4, leveraging the new Draft & Publish system and paving the way for more upcoming features.

🕵️ The REST API and GraphQL API have been updated, with a simplified response data format for both and partial support for Relay-style queries for GraphQL.

🦾 A whole new CLI upgrade tool will soon help you migrate to any patch, minor, and major version of Strapi, automating most of the common tasks through codemods.

👷 Also, we have a list of breaking changes and actions to take for when you will consider migrating to Strapi 5 (but please don't migrate your production project while Strapi 5 and docs are in beta! 🙏).

👀 There might be much more: new or updated pages are identified in the table of contents with new badgenew badge or updated badgeupdated badge badges.

➕ You will also soon find more official guides and more references to external resources (contributor documentation, design system documentation, and blog articles) throughout the docs pages.

🤖 Also, last but not least, you might have noticed a shiny new Ask AI button at the bottom of the page! Click on it and ask your questions. It keeps the context of previous answers so you can ask follow-up questions as long as you don't close the popup.