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Welcome to the Strapi Developer Docs!

πŸ“ Developer Docs, User Guide, and Strapi Cloud documentation

The documentation for Strapi contains 3 main sections, accessible from the top navigation bar:

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» The Developer Docs that you're currently reading contain all the technical information related to the setup, advanced usage, customization, and update of your Strapi v5 application.
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ« The User Guide is all about using Strapi's admin panel.
  • ☁️ The Strapi Cloud documentation is about deploying your Strapi application to Strapi Cloud and managing your Strapi Cloud projects and settings.

πŸ‘‰ If you're totally new to Strapi or if you're a developer who would like to take the most out of Strapi, the Developer Docs are the place to start! We suggest you to:

  1. Head over to the Quick Start guide.
  2. Continue your journey through the various Developer Docs sections. The "What you will learn" section gives you an overview of the available topics.
πŸ€“ What's new in Strapi 5?

Head over to the "What's new in Strapi 5 docs?" page for a quick tour.

What you will find here​

β˜‘οΈ Prerequisites

Strapi Developer Docs are mostly intended to developers and assumes some prior knowledge of the JavaScript ecosystem.

If you also make your first steps with JavaScript web development while discovering Strapi, we encourage you to read more about JavaScript and npm. If applicable to your project, you can also learn about TypeScript before diving deeper into the Strapi Developer Docs.

The table of content of the Strapi Developer Docs displays 7 main sections in an order that should correspond to your journey with the product, from the very first steps to the most advanced aspects of Strapi's usage.

Clicking on any of the following cards will direct you to the introduction page for the category, with additional details and concepts:

πŸ’‘ Tips
  • If you already know exactly what you're searching for, use the search bar at the top or navigate using the table of content.
  • If you prefer learning more about Strapi while looking at the project code structure, you can use the interactive project structure page.
  • If demos are more your thing, feel free to watch the video demo, or you can request a live demo.
  • Try our AI assistant: Click or tap the Ask AI button and ask your questions using natural language. Watch it answer you in real time, then read recommended sources for more details.