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The Upload plugin is the backend powering the Media Library plugin available by default in the Strapi admin panel. Using either the Media Library from the admin panel or the upload API directly, you can upload any kind of file for use in your Strapi application.

By default Strapi provides a provider that uploads files to a local directory. Additional providers are available should you want to upload your files to another location.

The providers maintained by Strapi include:


This section details configuration options for the default upload provider. If using another provider (e.g. AWS S3 or Cloudinary), see the available configuration parameters in that provider's documentation.

Local server

By default Strapi accepts localServer configurations for locally uploaded files. These will be passed as the options for koa-static.

You can provide them by creating or editing the ./config/plugins.js file. The following example sets the max-age header.


module.exports = ({ env })=>({
upload: {
config: {
providerOptions: {
localServer: {
maxage: 300000

Max file size

Currently the Strapi middleware in charge of parsing requests needs to be configured to support file sizes larger than the default of 200MB in addition to provider options passed to the upload plugin for sizeLimit.


You may also need to adjust any upstream proxies, load balancers, or firewalls to allow for larger file sizes.
(e.g. Nginx has a config setting called client_max_body_size that will need to be adjusted since it's default is only 1mb.)