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The application configuration lives in the ./config folder (see project structure). All the configuration files are loaded on startup and can be accessed through the configuration provider.

If the ./config/server.js file has the following config:

module.exports = {
host: '',

The key can be accessed as:

strapi.config.get('', 'defaultValueIfUndefined');

Nested keys are accessible with the dot notation.

✏️ Note

The filename is used as a prefix to access the configurations.

Configuration files can either be .js or .json files.

When using a .js file, the configuration can be exported:

  • either as an object:

    module.exports = {
    mySecret: 'someValue',
  • or as a function returning a configuration object (recommended usage). The function will get access to the env utility:

    module.exports = ({ env }) => {
    return {
    mySecret: 'someValue',

Required configurations

Some parts of Strapi must be configured for the Strapi application to work properly:

Optional configurations

Strapi also offers the following optional configuration options for specific features: