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Strapi periodically releases code improvements through new versions. New Strapi versions are announced in both the terminal and in the administration panel, and GitHub release notes list what is new with each new version.

The latest version number of Strapi that was released by the Strapi core team can be found on npm or on GitHub.

When a new version of Strapi is released, you might want to upgrade, and the present page serves as an entry point for information about upgrading.

How can I find my current Strapi version number?

You can find the current version number of your Strapi application:

  • either in the admin panel, by going to Settings > Global Settings > Overview and looking at the Strapi version number printed in the Details section:

    Finding your Strapi version number in the admin panelFinding your Strapi version number in the admin panel
  • or by running yarn strapi version or npm run strapi version in the terminal, from the folder where your Strapi project is located.

❗️ Warning: Strapi 5 is not stable yet

It is strongly advised not to upgrade a critical or production-ready project from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5.

The content of migration resources might not be final yet. Migration resources are currently only provided to prepare you for the upgrade to Strapi 5 when it is released as a stable version.

Strapi 5 is currently only provided as a Release Candidate (RC) version and is not meant to be used in production yet.

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