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Developing Strapi plugins

👀 Info

This section is about developing Strapi plugins to use them as local plugins or to submit them to the Marketplace. Not what you're looking for? Read the plugins introduction and find your use case and recommended section to read from there.

Strapi allows the development of plugins that work exactly like the built-in plugins or 3rd-party plugins available from the Marketplace. Once created, your plugin can be:

👉 To start developing a Strapi plugin:

  1. Create a plugin using the CLI-based generator.
  2. Learn more about the structure of a plugin.
  3. Get an overview of the plugin APIs to add features to your plugin.
  4. Read some guides based on your use case(s).

Plugin APIs

Strapi provides the following programmatic APIs for plugins to hook into some of Strapi's features:

🤓 Custom fields plugins

Plugins can also be used to add custom fields to Strapi.


🤓 Additional resources

The Strapi blog features a tutorial series about creating a Strapi v4 'Todo' plugin. The contributors documentation can also include additional information useful while developing a Strapi plugin.