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Upgrading from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5

The latest major version of Strapi is Strapi 5, which is currently provided as a Release Candidate (RC) version, not as a stable version yet.

❗️ Warning: Strapi 5 is not stable yet

It is strongly advised not to upgrade a critical or production-ready project from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5.

The content of migration resources might not be final yet. Migration resources are currently only provided to prepare you for the upgrade to Strapi 5 when it is released as a stable version.

Strapi 5 is currently only provided as a Release Candidate (RC) version and is not meant to be used in production yet.

The present page is meant to be used as an entry point to guide you through the whole upgrade process from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5, and helps you:

Common use cases​

The following questions and their answers should help you cover most common use cases. If your Strapi code is deeply customized or if you have specific needs, you might also need to look at additional resources.

How can I handle the upgrade and the installation of the latest dependencies? How can I handle the breaking changes in the code and adapt my code to Strapi 5?

Strapi provides a tool, the upgrade tool. The upgrade tool is a command line tool with some commands allows to handle the upgrade of the dependencies and the execution of codemods .

The steps to execute slightly differ depending on whether your Strapi application is already running the latest minor and patch version of Strapi v4 or if it is still running on an older version.

How to find my current Strapi version number?

You can find the current version number of your Strapi application:

  • either in the admin panel, by going to Settings > Global Settings > Overview and looking at the Strapi version number printed in the Details section:

    Finding your Strapi version number in the admin panelFinding your Strapi version number in the admin panel
  • or by running yarn strapi version or npm run strapi version in the terminal, from the folder where your Strapi project is located.

The latest version number of Strapi v4 that was released by the Strapi core team can be found on npm or on GitHub.

  1. Run the upgrade tool with the major command to reach Strapi 5.0.0:

    npx @strapi/upgrade major

    The command will execute:

    • the update and installation of the dependencies of Strapi 5,
    • and the codemods provided to handle the breaking changes that come with Strapi 5.
  2. Run the application with yarn develop or npm run develop to adapt the database to the latest breaking changes.

  3. Test the results of the automatic upgrade and check how your application upgraded to Strapi 5 behaves. You might need to use additional resources to have a fully-working Strapi 5 application.

How can I handle the data migration, ensuring that in Strapi 5 the application will still be working?
Strapi 5 integrates a data migration script that is run once the application starts for the first time in Strapi 5.
As a Strapi Cloud customer, how can I handle the entire upgrade and deployment of my Strapi 5 application?
❗️ Warning: Don't push a Strapi 5 project to Strapi Cloud yet

Strapi Cloud is still running on Strapi v4. The following process is provided as an indication of what will happen when Strapi 5 is released as a stable version. Do not try to push your Strapi 5 beta or Release Candidate (RC) project to Strapi Cloud yet.

  1. Update your code locally, automatically with the upgrade tool or manually when the fully automatic upgrade is not possible. If you need to manually update your code, be sure to read the breaking changes list and specific upgrade resources.
  2. Run the yarn deploy or npm run deploy commands from the Cloud CLI.
    (⚠️ This command is currently only available to push Strapi v4 projects to Strapi Cloud. The current link to Cloud CLI documentation points to Strapi v4 stable documentation, not to Strapi 5 RC documentation.)

Strapi Cloud will deploy the updated code in Strapi 5 and will automatically run the data migration script.

Additional resources​

The following additional resources will help you upgrade your application and plugins if you have customized your Strapi v4 code in ways that make the automatic upgrade to Strapi 5 not 100% possible: