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Breaking changes

View the list of all breaking changes introduced between Strapi v4 and v5.

helper-plugin deprecated

In Strapi 5, the `helper-plugin` is deprecated. A whole migration reference is available for plugin developers.

injectContentManagerComponent() removed

In Strapi 5, the Content Manager is a plugin, which affects the injectContentManagerComponent() method, replaced by getPlugin('content-manager').injectComponent().

Migrating from Strapi v4 to v5

The latest major version of Strapi is Strapi 5, which is currently provided as a Release Candidate (RC) version, not as a stable version yet.

No findPage() in Document Service API

In Strapi 5, the Entity Service API is deprecated, and for the findPage() method you should use the Document Service API's findMany() method instead.

Reserved attributes and content-types names

In Strapi 5, some attributes and content types names are reserved, and all fields or content types using the reserved names should be renamed before migrating to prevent data loss.

Server proxy configuration

In Strapi 5, all proxy configuration options are now configured through the 'server.proxy' object in the '/config/server.js|ts' instead of having various option names such as 'globalProxy' and 'proxy' in Strapi v4.

strapi-utils is refactored

In Strapi 5, the 'strapi-utils' core package has been refactored. This page lists the additions, removals, and other updates.

The GraphQL API has been updated

In Strapi 5, the GraphQL API has been updated. It handles the new, flattened response format, and can also now accept Relay-style queries.

What's new in Strapi 5 RC docs?

Strapi 5 RC (Release Candidate) brings many new features and improvements, and this page quickly highlights the most important documentation changes.