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Admin Panel API for plugins

A Strapi plugin can interact with both the back end and the front end of a Strapi application. The Admin Panel API is about the front end part, i.e. it allows a plugin to customize Strapi's admin panel.

Plugin CLI

Reference documentation for Strapi's Plugin CLI commands


Strapi comes with built-in plugins (i18n, GraphQL, Users & Permissions, Upload, API documentation, and Email) and you can install plugins as npm packages.

Strapi plugins

Strapi builds and maintains plugins that extend the functionality of a core Strapi application. This section is a reference guide to the pre-installed plugins and additional plugins developed by Strapi, which are available in the Marketplace. Additional documentation on plugins is provided in the relevant sections of the User Guide and the Developer Documentation, however, a brief plugin description, how the installed plugin works, and changes to the admin panel is provided.

Using Strapi plugins

Learn more about Strapi built-in plugins and how to use them from a developer perspective.