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MySQL v5 is not supported in Strapi v5 anymore

In Strapi 5, MySQL version 5 is not supported.

This page is part of the breaking changes database and provides information about the breaking change and additional instructions to migrate from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5.

πŸ”Œ Is this breaking change affecting plugins?No
πŸ€– Is this breaking change automatically handled by a codemod?No

Breaking change description​

In Strapi v4

MySQL v5 is supported.

In Strapi 5

MySQL v5 is not supported anymore.
MySQL v8 is the minimum required version.


This section regroups useful notes and procedures about the introduced breaking change.


Migration procedure​

No manual migration is required for the codebase of your Strapi application. Connection information will probably stay the same as in Strapi v4.

However, to use Strapi v5, you must upgrade your MySQL database to version 8.0 (see additional information in the official MySQL documentation).