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Strapi 5 uses koa-body v6

Strapi 5 uses koa-body v6, which updates formidable to v2. This means uploaded files have new properties.

This page is part of the breaking changes database and provides information about the breaking change and additional instructions to migrate from Strapi v4 to Strapi 5.

πŸ”Œ Is this breaking change affecting plugins?Yes
πŸ€– Is this breaking change automatically handled by a codemod?No

Breaking change description​

In Strapi v4

A user might create custom endpoints and handle files with the ctx object:

const endpoint = (ctx) => {

In Strapi 5

A user might still create custom endpoints and handle files with the ctx object, but the property names are different:

const endpoint = (ctx) => {


This section regroups useful notes and procedures about the introduced breaking change.


  • The official koa-body documentation lists the changes.
  • The official formidable documentation lists the changes.

Manual procedure​

Users need to manually update the properties used in their custom code, referring to the official koa-body and formidable documentations.