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Deployments management

The creation of a new Strapi Cloud project automatically trigger the deployment of that project. After that, deployments can be:

Ongoing deployments can also be manually cancelled if needed.

Triggering a new deployment

To manually trigger a new deployment for your project, click on the Trigger deploy button always displayed in the right corner of a project dashboard's header. This action will add a new card in the Deploys tab, where you can monitor the status and view the deployment logs live (see Deploy history and logs).

Triggering new deployTriggering new deploy

Cancelling a deployment

If for any reason you want to cancel an ongoing and unfinished deployment:

  1. Go to the Log details page of the deployment (see Accessing log details).
  2. Click on the Cancel deploy button in the top right corner. The status of the deployment will automatically change to Cancelled.
💡 Tip

You can also cancel a deployment from the Deploys tab which lists the deployments history. The card of ongoing deployment with the Building status will display a Cancel deploy button.

Cancelling deployCancelling deploy