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Configuring Users & Permissions plugin settings

The Users & Permissions plugin is managed from the Users & Permissions plugin settings section, accessible from Settings icon Settings in the main navigation of the admin panel. This settings section allows to configure the available providers, email templates and the advanced settings of the plugin. It also allows to define the end-users roles and their related permissions (see Configuring end-user roles).

GraphQL plugin

Use a GraphQL endpoint in your Strapi project to fetch and mutate your content.

Organizing assets with folders

Instructions on how to use folders in the Media Library, including adding, editing, and deleting folders, and browsing their content.

Strapi plugins

Strapi builds and maintains plugins that extend the functionality of a core Strapi application. This section is a reference guide to the pre-installed plugins and additional plugins developed by Strapi, which are available in the Marketplace. Additional documentation on plugins is provided in the relevant sections of the User Guide and the Developer Documentation, however, a brief plugin description, how the installed plugin works, and changes to the admin panel is provided.

Users & Permissions plugin

Protect your API with a full authentication process based on JWT and manage the permissions between the groups of users.