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Back-end customization

All elements of Strapi's back end, like routes, policies, middlewares, controllers, services, models, requests, responses, and webhooks, can be customized.

Content API

Once you've created and configured a Strapi project, created a data structure with the Content-Type Builder and started adding data through the Content Manager, you likely would like to access your content.

Document Service API

The Document Service API is the recommended way to interact with your content from the back-end server or from plugins.


Learn what a Document is in Strapi v5

No findPage() in Document Service API

In Strapi 5, the Entity Service API is deprecated, and for the findPage() method you should use the Document Service API's findMany() method instead.

What's new in Strapi 5 RC docs?

Strapi 5 RC (Release Candidate) brings many new features and improvements, and this page quickly highlights the most important documentation changes.