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Configuring fields for content-types

The Content-type Builder is only accessible to create and update content-types when your Strapi application is in a development environment, else it will be in a read-only mode in other environments.

Custom fields

Learn how you can use custom fields to extend Strapi's content-types capabilities.


Find some answers and solutions to most common issues that you may experience when working with Strapi.

injectContentManagerComponent() removed

In Strapi 5, the Content Manager is a plugin, which affects the injectContentManagerComponent() method, replaced by getPlugin('content-manager').injectComponent().

Introduction to plugins

Strapi is built around different types of plugins. Every default Strapi application comes with the following pre-installed plugins:

Managing individual assets

Instructions on how to manage assets uploaded to the Media Library, including editing, moving, and deleting assets, and cropping images.

Strapi plugins

Strapi builds and maintains plugins that extend the functionality of a core Strapi application. This section is a reference guide to the pre-installed plugins and additional plugins developed by Strapi, which are available in the Marketplace. Additional documentation on plugins is provided in the relevant sections of the User Guide and the Developer Documentation, however, a brief plugin description, how the installed plugin works, and changes to the admin panel is provided.

Working with Content History

Learn how you can use the Content History feature of Strapi 5 to browse and restore previous versions of documents from the Content Manager.